Agile Project Management and User Experience (UX)

Let me ask you honestly how many have you transitioned from traditional waterfall to agile methodology in last two or three years.

And how many of you would like to go back to the traditional waterfall project management approach.

I am pretty sure the answer is NO

There are various advantages of using AGILE project management and its been widely accepted, adapted, tested and applied in several industries. Not to forget the biggest endorser is the software development Industry. In this era of rapid application development I have seen some people having troubles with applying agile to user experience UX design. They are still tied to or prefer to use traditional project management practices especially when it comes to user experience design (UX). The reason behind the use of traditional approach for USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN is the convenience, established standards and UX People not part of the Agile teams.

But on the other side I have met several manager/owners who have successfully applied Agile Project Management for User Experience Designs and actually I am also one of them.

I think if Agile can be applied to any process, our lifestyle, our routine then why not user experience design. Here are my thoughts on applying Agile Project Management to User Experience (UX) Design and why it is better.

1.Early integration and tests

Now consider old waterfall model where the team integrates the UI ( developed based on user experience) after a very long time where generally most of the work (coding) is already done. Imagine how much rework is required if the test team says this user experience doesn’t map to what we desired or what the users will accept.

2. Self Sufficient Teams

Now Agile teams are self sufficient in them. The team will comprise of designers, developers, testers, leads etc. They are not part of different teams like in non agile environment where the designer is part of the design team and tester is the part of test team. Hence self sufficient teams would definitely help create a better user experience.

3.Road Map

This is the best and my favorite. You have the picture in front of you where you are heading with the product. The roadmap will assist you in every possible way. The early design review before the detailed design work will lay the foundation of the correct path and reduce the future risks of bad product or poor user experience.

4.Use of User Stories

Now we all know what user stories are. They are simple descriptions of features from a customer’s stand point of view. Consider this I want to be able to navigate from Screen1 to Screen3 without Going to Screen 2. Or I want to do this with a single button. Doesn’t that tell you something about user experience.

These are my thoughts on why we should prefer agile project management while designing user experience we have seen the several advantages of using agile here. So Don’t forget to include your UX Designers into your agile team.

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